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Waving Goodbye To The Sun
Yolo County, CA, US

This is yet another one of those times I owe my daughter a big thank you for this picture.  She rode up to me on her horse and said:

  "Get your camera and go outside; it's a beautiful sunset."

Do which I replied:

  "I was thinking about it, but there aren't any interesting objects out there to put into the picture."

She never takes my excuses, of course.  Smart girl.

  "You won't find any if you don't try."

So, I grabbed the camera (with the wrong lens, and no tripod) and went out the door.  Looking at the horizon I did indeed spot the perfect tree off in the distance.

Moral of the story: always listen to your children.  They're right more often than you'd think.  They're frequently right more often than you are.

I immediately ordered this one on canvas for my upcoming exhibit in April.

Thanks Boo.  Again.

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