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Let me photograph your yard!

Have me photograph your backyard! Sometimes the most beautiful images on your wall can come from scenes just on the other side of it. Whether you have an immaculate garden, a multi acre horse ranch, or just a simple plot of land with natural grasses, I want to come see what gorgeous things I can discover in your yard. You'll be amazed what beautiful things I can find that you didn't even know were there.

If I create an image from your yard that I want to put in my portfolio, I'll give you 25% off a copy of it so that you can hang it up in your own living room. You'll be amazed how proud you'll feel about a beautiful image hanging in your home that comes from your own property.

Please contact me today to take me up on this opportunity. I live near Sacramento, California but I travel a lot, so even if you're you're a long ways away, I may be in your neighborhood someday soon!

All of the images in the slide show on the right were taken in someone's yard.

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