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Reunions, Parties, Events and Engagements

I want to capture the emotion in your event. If you are having a party, an event, or a reunion, you need to capture and preserve the precious interactions of your family and friends that may only be together for a moment's time. I can do that for you, and you will love the results. I excel at taking images of people when they are actively engaged in a group and interacting with the people they care about. The images I deliver to you from your event will be filled with smiles, emotions and love. Contact me today to reserve the date of your gathering. Be it your child's first birthday, or your grandmother's 100th, let me help you keep the memories of your event.

Events and Portraits


I'd love to be able to work with you on your portrait needs. My methods are different than other photographers, however, and you should be aware of my process and, most importantly, why I think you'll be happier with it. If you're looking for a traditional approach to event and portrait photography, I'm probably not the person you're looking for. But, if you want someone that will capture the true essence and personality of the people you wish to capture, I'm your guy. Read on!

True Personal Photography

I love taking pictures of people. There is nothing better than capturing the smile and laughter of friends and family enjoying each others' company or partaking in an adventure together. Looking back at a snapshot of time captured in an image reminds you of that particularly special moment in your or someone's life. But the pictures that truly remind you of a person's character and personality are rarely the ones you find taken in a typical portrait setting. People don't naturally line up and say "cheese". People do naturally interact, laugh, work, play, and live out their life's plans. Those moments are the ones your memory holds onto. I want you to look back at the pictures from a moment in time and smile ear to ear remembering not just the person and/or the event that happened, but the emotions too, ingrained in the faces present. I excel at capturing those memories in my photographs of people and events and you'll be happier with the results.

Think back to the pictures that you most charish of someone and I'll bet it's not the most recent school portrait or group of eight relatives staring at the camera. I'll bet it's a picture of your son and daughter when they were truly happy and playing in a sandbox, or your sibling laughing with their spouse, or your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents reminiscing and smiling about the past.

If you want a wonderful collection picture that not only captures the essence of an event but the emotions and personalities of the people involved, please contact me:

E-Mail me at:

Call me: (530) 792-1913

Or write to me: PO box 382, Davis, CA, 95617.

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"Hi Wes,
     You & your camera quietly, yet completely, captured Andrea's awesome day! Your photos are wonderful. Thank you.
Jim & Lois"

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