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My goals for you

When I teach any subject, photography included, I don't want you to walk away with just how to do something. I want you to walk away with understanding of why and how something works. Only through understanding can you apply your techniques in future directions and explore new concepts beyond those that you learn from me. My videos, newsletter tips, teaching in the arcanum and workshops are all focused around this concept: fundamental understanding promotes growth. I want you to learn a concept that you can apply in many directions, not just one way of doing something that you memorize but don't truly understand.

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Learn from my online videos

I'm rolling out a number of online videos that will help teach you concepts about photography. Some of these will be available on youtube, and others available for a downloadable purchase. All of them will teach understanding, as mentioned above.

Online Videos to Watch

Downloadable videos

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I don't have any immediate workshops planned. If you're interested in one, please use the Contact Wes link on the left to let me know you're interested, and I'll be sure to send you a note when I announce any workshops.

Become a student of mine in The Arcanum

I'm currently teaching photography to students within The Arcanum, which is an online collaborative environment dedicated to the arts, and especially photography.  It is a wonderful learning environment to be a part of because it couples the resources you need with the tools and motivation to bring excellence to your work.  If you're interested in joining The Arcanum, please apply to become an apprentice and let me know when do!

Private instruction

If you aren't interested in The Arcanum, please feel free to use the Contact Wes button on the left to reach out and inquire about private lessons. Include a general description of what you want to learn, so we can start building a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Also feel free to watch my Meet the Master video for the Arcanum below, where I talk about my vision for photography and learning within the arcanum.

Meet Wes Hardaker

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