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The Proposal

I actually took this image of these birds “in a discussion” back in March and have been looking for it ever since. I don’t normally lose my images, but when I do, I lose them really really well, buried in my mass of digital data. The rest of this story is about how my digital house was recently demolished and rebuilt from the ground up, and explains why I’ve been rather silent lately. My experience was similar to how you might start to pull a loose thread on a sweater and eventually end up needing to completely reknit it from scratch since you couldn’t stop pulling. But I have a really nice new sweater now. I mean digital storage system. If you like this image of these beautiful finches???, then my time spent was well worth it. If you like stories of digital image organization, then click on the link below and jump on over to my blog for the full story. Otherwise just sit and enjoy this image of these cute finches.